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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  September 9, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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good evening, i'm dawn timmeney. iain page and lucy noland are off tonight. the question is, what can we expect and when? so let's get straight over to chief meteorologist scott williams for the answer. scott. >> hi there dawn. we can expect a soaking rain in most of it will occur for your thursday. but as you mentioned, some spotty activity to start as we look at ultimate doppler. most of the region dry. you can see a couple of downpourdownpours down in sectif cape may counsel teen also as you move into ocean county but as i expand the view, take look at all of this moisture off to the west. it's a cold front that will bring us beneficial rain across the area over the next 24 hours. but the september sizzle today, 93 degrees was the high. look at that just 1 degree shy of the record set back in the 1800's. also it's official. hour sixth heat wave of the season. take look at the numbers right now. feels like 97 degrees in philadelphia. it still feels like 94 in trenton. so it's going to be hot and humid maybe a stray thunderstorm tonight but most of the rain as
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i mentioned arrives tomorrow. coming up new information about the timing as well as who could potentially see over 3-inches of rain. dawn, back to you. >> all right, scott, thank you. developing now, a catholic school still picking up the pieces. this building in somerdale the target of an overnight burglar earlier this week. investigators say the crook set his sights on thousands dollars worth of electronics inside. police this was no quick smash and grab job and it's what else did he that forced school leaders to turn away students yesterday. fox 29's dave schratwieser following the investigation from northeast detectives tonight. dave? >> reporter: dawn, this cold hearted thief broke a school window, ransacked several classrooms and the computer lab and made off with several thousand dollars worth of new lab top computers to night the school is trying to figure out how students will cope with the lot of equipment. when sister emily walked into the building at saint martin of tour school on monday, she knew something was wrong.
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>> i noticed the vice-principal's office door was open. when i checked, when i went to look, his window had been broken in. the window of his door had been smashed open. >> reporter: what sister emily quickly found out is that a burglar had broken into the school and ransacked classrooms before breaking into the computer lab and stealing laptops. the suspect was caught on tape making his escape with bags filled with stolen computers. >> the archdiocese has been downsizing the schools up here in the northeast, and struggling to keep them open, and now they're getting victimized by burglar. >> as soon as i saw the big in the middle of the hallway i thought i might have scared somebody and they might still be in the building. so i high tale it out and called 911. >> reporter: sister emily says some of the laptops were new just purchased with a grant. the others were for students in an advanced math class. >> hopefully, fundraisers or some kind people that would be willing to help replace some of that material we'd be grateful. >> reporter: investigators say the suspect spent quite a bit of
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time inside he also cut the power lines to the school's fire alarm system. that forced school to close on tuesday. the kids couldn't go to school because you messed up the fire alarm system trying to keep from being detected of committing the crime. >> reporter: police and school officials are hoping someone will recognize the suspect's distinctive tattoo. >> it look like some kind of skull. >> reporter: prayer for individuals like that. that they're desperate and come into a school like that. >> reporter: now, some of the stolen laptops were found in bags stashed in stairwells near the doors to the school leading police to believe the suspect may have thought about coming back again. if you want to get another look at that video you can go to our website at fox if you recognize that guy with the tattoo, you can call northeast detectives. dawn? >> all right, dave, thank you. the search is on tonight for two armed robbers who terrorized employees inside a popular philadelphia bar. surveillance cameras capturing everything early monday morning
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inside the 32nd street pub in allegheny west. you can see the masked men guns drawn confronting two employees as they were closing up. one of the victims turned over cash from the register and more money from a back office. fortunately, no one was hurt. happening now, your last chance to see pope francis has come and gone. second round of free tickets went up for grabs about two hours ago, and guess what, they were gone in minutes. free passes to the pope's visit to independence mall were gone two minutes yesterday. similar situation this afternoon for the festival of families event on the parkway later that saturday night. but don't worry, tonight you will get another chance at 8:00 o'clock. 10,000 more tickets for the papal mass on sunday september 26th will go online. the process for people logging ton try and get them starts all over again. fox 29 has everything you need to know. fox about the pope's visit. we've got a special section on our sight dedicated to the papal
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visit. two workers are recovering tonight after getting hurt when a hangar collapsed at newark liberty international airport. the old united airlines hangar was under demolition when it came down. nine workers were inside at the time. the two who were injured are expected to be all right. no word on what caused the collapse or why the workers were there. investigators say pilot error likely caused last year's plane crash in massachusetts that left a philadelphia newspaper owner and sick others dead. transportation safety officials say the crew of the plane did not do a pre flight check. they also found that the pilots left the wing flaps locked in place essentially keeping the aircraft park on the ground. pilots still tried taking off but didn't realize their mistake until it was too late. the jet went off the runway crashincrashing into a ravine ad bursting into flames. everyone on board was killed including philadelphia inquirer co owner lewis katz. a quick fix is found to get
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teachers in the cash strapped chester upland school district paid. but tonight we've learned that bigger problems remain unsolved. fox 29's bruce gordon joining us live from chester delaware county with more on those bigger issues. bruce? >> reporter: yeah, dawn, it was common pleas court judge in delaware county who made the order to the commonwealth to pennsylvania to free up $3.5 million to cover chester upland teacher salaries through the enter of september. temporary good news for folks who came unsure as to whether they'd be paid but the big picture fm struggles of this cash strapped district of three thus san students remain a problem. it wasn't the enter of the day that had teachers and staff at chester upland schools cheering but the beginning. for veterans like markysha bell -- >> great news. >> reporter: some 200 chester upland teachers voted last week to begin the school year despite uncertainty over whether this cash strapped district would pay them.
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wednesday morning, checks were waiting. one they arrived for work. >> yes! i can pay my bill. i'm excited. >> we made the decision to show up not knowing when will get paid but, uming when we wake up pay day and it's there, of course, everyone is excited and relieved. >> reporter: that is was the second time in four years teachers in the district went to school unsure of whether they'd be paid. now, as in 2012, a last minute reprieve put paychecks in hand. >> the teacher we have left is the veteran teachers and they've been hanging in there since, you know, the state has been running this district. so i commend them. report roar district officials spent the morning in a media courtroom squabble link with the state department of education over what else, funding. the teacher paychecks do nothing to fix a broken funding formula, but has parents fuming. >> to continue to band-aid the school district is not giving the school district out of deficit. >> reporter: the big picture remains bleak. the teachers like markysha bell keep coming back day after day
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with few promises but lots of hope. >> we're dedicated to our children. our children need us, and without us we don't know where they would be. >> reporter: it's noting judge's ruling does not cover $8 million in requested fees for vendors much these are folks who provide all kinds of important goods and services that keep the school district running, and so the teachers get their money, but not everyone is being paid and so even the short-term finances of this district remain in big trouble. dawn? >> all right, thank you, bruce. fox 29 working to get results clean up a playground in the mantua section of philadelphia wolf weeks ago a 10-year-old girl was shot while playing in the middle of the day at the claiborne lewis playground but that was only part of the story. our camerasly also found drug baggies and paraphernalia. dangerous conditions like broken glass, fences and tiles and even feces smeared down a slide. today we went back to the park again to see if the conditions were any better and found most of the same.
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>> i want to see the cleaned up and the kids be able to be free to go down to the playground. >> we called the parks department which immediately came out and vowed to take action cleaning everything up. they say all the broken tiles will also be replaced in the future. the little girl in that shooting two weeks ago has since recovered. as we prepare for the pope the white house is getting ready as well, and pope francis' visit to washington, d.c. will continue a conversation that's been going on for longer than you might think. >> plus the precious baby seal that washed up on the jersey shore, well, he was badly in need of help tonight after a tough road to recovery, he's ready to go home and we're there for his happy ending. howard? >> have a safe trip. (laughter). >> the season is almost here for the eagles and you can hear from your new quarterback, that would be sam bradford and zach ertz who tells us why he's ready to play. former phillie did not have good night last night with his new team.
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that will be coming up in spor sports. >> live look at the french manor from our poconos mountain camera tonight. what beautiful sunset ending another hot day but soon we're going to be talking about storms and, yes, finally some cooler temperatures. your fox 29 weather authority is next. let's clear the air.
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there are no limits on the amount of carbon pollution power plants can... release. and our senator, pat toomey, led the fight to keep it that way. carbon pollution, a major cause of climate change, leads to more asthma attacks in children.
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over a million pennsylvanians now suffer from asthma. and senator toomey took over a million dollars from polluters. tell senator toomey: it's time to clear the air. vote for the clean power plan. ♪ a second chance at life tonight for this guy. he's now headed to his new permanent home in virginia. the seal was rescued back on valentine's day on beach in deal, new jersey. he had hearings to his neck and puncture wounds on his back. those injuries left the young guy partially paralyzed unable to use his real flipper. the team at the marine mammal stranding center nursed the seal back to health and he will now live at the virginia aquarium. happy ending there. well philadelphia prepares to welcome pope francis the
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white house is getting ready as well. a short time from now the commander in chief and the leader of more than billion catholics will meet once again. as our joyce evans tells us this will continues in nearly century old history of pontiffs and presidents coming together. ♪ >> reporter: january 1919 shortly after the end of world war one president woodrow wilson met with benedict the 15th marking the first time a sitting much s president had sat down with the pope and it wouldn't happen again for another four decades. when eisenhower shook hands with the holy father john the 23rd. in the summer of '63, john f. kennedy the first catholic president was greeted by the newly elected pop paul the six sixth. all these visits taking place in vatican city. until 1965 when the bishop of rome flew here. pope paul had a meet and greet with lyndon b. johnson in a new york city hotel. the holy father would go on to
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meet with president richard nixon twice and then gerald ford once. by the late '70's there was a new leader of the church. john paul ii. in the fall of '79, he made history becoming the first pontiff to go to the white house. the invitation extended by jimmy carter. a devout christian. in 1981, the oval office changed hands. during his eight years in office, president ronald reagan huddled with his holiness four times. their friendship widely viewed as a force in the fight against communism. the wildly popular pope continued his warm relationship with america's presidents meeting twice with george h.w. bush four times with bill clinton and three times with george w. bush. john paul ii's death in 2005 pave the way for benedict xvith. bush 43 traveled to italy to see
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him. and when the pope came to the us in 2008, he was celebrated on the white house south lawn. less than six months into his first term, president barack obama entered the walls of the vatican to meet benedict. he made his second trip there last year. this time meeting with a new leader of the catholic church. pope francis. >> the west wing says president obama will welcome pope francis at joint base andrews. that's an incredibly rare thing for any president to do. the holy father's official welcoming comes a day later in a ceremony at the white house. dawn? >> all right, thank you, joyce. a three-day journey in a canoe is now over for the senior class of don't academy. the event is called the senior sojourn. students and staff taking part in the event. this year's seniors are challenged to reflect upon their lives and focus on their leadership roles in the coming year and further down the road. one of our viewers sent us
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an absolutely adorable video today that we had to share with you. take a listen to one of the youngest eagles fans showing his team spirit. >> fly, eagles, fly, on the road to victory! e-a-g-l-e-s! >> yay! >> and that is three-year-old marcus anthony singing the eagles fight song prone vieding his own accompaniment on the drum. his mom sent it to us and as you can hear, he had his audience in the palm of his hand. all right. back now to your fox 29 weather authority. another hazy, hot and humid day but changes on the way, scott. >> that's right. we are talking about our sixth official heat wave of the year. 93 degrees that was the high temperature, dawn, this afternoon. 1 degree shy of a record. but some relief. it's on the way. clouds, some showers and cooler temperatures with the frontal boundary still hazy, hot and humid, 92 degrees but look at this. it feels like 97 degrees.
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you can see some of those clouds kind of growing in the atmosphere. there might be a stray downpour across the area tonight but most of the rain arrives tomorrow. 90 in trenton still. none in reading we're looking at numbers right now a little cooler down the shore, upper 70 toss right around 80. so for tonight it's mostly cloudy a couple of scattered showers move in overnight. but it looks like the heaviest of the rain once again tomorrow afternoon. take look at this. we need the rainfall the deficit for july, august and so far for this month we're almost over 4.5-inches below where we shall be and we haven't had any measurable rainfall in philadelphia since august twenty seventh. so let's talk about what's happening right now. a couple of downpours as we move into sections of burlington county right now. north of the evesham area moving toward pemberton and also as we move into the wildwood area and cape may county looking at some showers. but here's most of the rain off to the west with that front. so as we go hour by hour, you can see overnight we're looking at a couple of scattered downpours across the area. tomorrow morning it's movely
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cloudy, still muggy. most of the heavy rain will hold off until the afternoon. here's 1:00 o'clock. you can see the orange, the red, the yellow showing up. that shows the heavier rainfall for the afternoon and evening. and then you can see we're still stuck with it for tomorrow evening's rush and commute. but by friday morning, that rain it is out of here. take a look at some of the computer model totals. we could see over 3-inches in wilmington on average one to 2-inches across the area from the system tomorrow and once again the timing for that heaviest rain in the afternoon and evening just watch out for ponding and run you've because the ground has been so dry. it's not really going to soak in that quickly. the weekend right now looks pretty good. maybe a shower and temperatures go below average for a change. how about that? >> we'll take the cool weather. >> we need it. >> just in time for football. >> 79 is not exactly cool. >> well it is compared to today. >> i what happened to know what the dew point is going to be. no. it's football season all right. the eagles are back and it's for real on monday in sam cad
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forward will be playing his first real game as the new quarterback of the eagles. hear from bradford coming up in sports. ♪
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i am never getting married. never. psssssh. guaranteed. you picked a beautiful ring. thank you. we're never having kids. mmm-mmm. breathe. i love it here. we are never moving to the suburbs. we are never getting one of those (minivan). we are never having another kid. i'm pregnant. i am never letting go. for all the nevers in life, state farm is there.
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♪ the eagles i know i can feel it, you can feel it too getting closer to the real start of the season and it's the real start for a new era for eagles football at quarterback. that would be, yes, sam bradfo
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bradford. he will be playing in his first regular season game in close to two seasons after two knee injuries. he has been totally jr. free in training camp. his monday night game is the last step in his rehabilitation? >> i guess you can look at it it's the last step, you know, getting out there and playing full game but in my opinion we've already hit the last step. i think i'm ready to play. i just enjoy things a little bit more. it takes time to enjoy the small thing out there and just have fun, 'cause you never know when it will be taken away from you. so besides the normal excitement and jitters i'm just going look to enjoy myself out there. >> this guy is good. trust me. he just got to stay healthy. zach ertz back on the field today for full practice. said he's good to go on monday after sports earn surgery. how does he know he's ready? >> the doctor cleared me. (laughter). >> that's about all i can go from. i mean i have approach it to get healthy for this game. i think i made strides in that department but dr. coming out
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and seen me run routes and saying i was ready to go is very good sign. >> sunday lineup looks like fox 29 "game day live" starts at a new time this season, we'll be with you for a full hour starring at 10:00 a.m. fox nfl sunday follows at 11:00. it's the packers and bears at 1:00 complete coverage week one inn clueing analysis from jon runyan will be here on sports sunday. bad news for the phillies. the magic number for elimination from the play off race is one. any combination avenue phillies loss or mets win and the phillies are eliminated. not good night for former phillies closer either jonathan papelbon. let's go to washington. itth inning tied game seven-seven. the mets came from seven-one. curt new went house the homerun in the eighth inning off papelbon not a happy guy. the mets win again. mets will win the division. it's just amazing what they've done papelbon is not happy after last night. by the way, good news for tim tebow fans.
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>> yes. >> he has a job. >> okay. >> network. >> surprise surprise. >> you knew he was going to get a job. but not playing football. >> all right. >> thanks how war. >> be sure to to tune into in tonight to fox 29 news at 10. a couple of young boys out fis fishing for afternoon real in dangerous catch. a security guard stepped in just in time. what they pulled out of the water that guard says could have turned deadly. and that will do it for us here a tonight at 6:00. we'll see you back here tonight at 10. have a great night. inside edition is up next.
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. the reviews are in. >> the overnight ratings were very strong. >> and what you didn't see on tv. >> jeb bush, doughnut dude! then, dr. ken. fat shamer? >> what's the diagnosis? >> you're fat. >> the new tv show creating a storm. >> the only thing fatter than you are your lies. and two sons. the shocking arrests. >> please send someone. my children are trying to kill me. >> are they the new menendez brothers? >> there are a lot of similarities between this case and the menendez case. then, "inside edition"'s jim moret in the medical crisis of his life. he can't speak. his wife, a constant presence. >>e'


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